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My First Smoke! Tenderloin

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So tonight I smoked for the first time. I did two tenderloins, one was about 2lbs and the other was closer to 3. I had a hard time maintaining temp. I was trying for around 220 - 250 but kept dropping to around 200, I would add some charcoal and or wood chunks and would climb back to around 250 or so. I cooked the small one for about 2hrs to an IT of 146 then wrapped with foil and let sit for about 20 min and the bigger one took about 3hrs and did the same wrap to it. They both came out very tender with a great smoke taste. I think I used about 5 lbs of charcoal and about that much in wood chunks (apple). I have been trying to find some good mods to make on my Char Broil offset like a charcoal box. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

Here is what I started with.

Here is the final result

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Looks good to me! Use the search bar and check for mods for that model smoker.
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Looks nice & juicy!  drool.gif  Good smoke  thumb1.gif  & yes as David said do a search for mods for your smoker & you should find some...


You should be able to get some ideas from some of the threads here...

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Looks great. You chose a good "practice cooking" cut , with the Tenderloin (Pork is forgiving). Chicken is also a great learning tool,


Do your mods and practice often to learn your Smoker and how to regulate the heat.  Soon you'll be ready for another challenge.

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