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Awesome job on that weave, it's kinda a sideways weave, which is rad...smoking isn't about style points first and foremost, but if it was I'd give you high marks!  Looks awesome!  You should be proud!

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Thanks for all the compliments guys!


For the pizza dough,  I just used the pillsbury pizza dough you can get at the grocery store.  Next time I will have to try with some homemade stuff!!

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Hi everyone.  My smoker/grill isn't here yet, but I'm ready.  I prepared my first fattie for this afternoon.  here are a couple of shots of the prep and hopefully this evening you will get a shot of the finished product.  I now completely understand how people are saying that a third hand is very helpful when you are rolling...:)


Finally!  The finished product.  OMG  It was so good.  The husband commented "That was a good investment you made in the smoker/grill"...Like I had nothing to do with making it...hahaha

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Not bad at all!

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That is some pretty bacon! LOL.... Strange how ya start noticing things like bacon now, isn't it?

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When I was reading how much bacon is used in smoking I was a goner.  My grill is here, all put together, been tested and is now doing it's initial 1 hour burn-in that Traeger recommended.  In about 45 minutes the fattie is going in and then we wait to eat.  If my notes are correct 225*-250* for approx 3 hours to in IT of 160-165.  I'm so dang excited I can hardly contain myself!!  :)

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