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supper time!!

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so i'm new to smoking and last night I made 2 beer can chickens "1st attempt ever", and 2 racks of ribs "3rd attempt ever" along with some southern green beans, baked beans, onion soup taters and corn bread. the ribs needed to cook awhile longer but with the apparatus i was cooking on weber 22.5 in kettle grill and the time I stupidly allowed myself they didn't go as long as I would have liked. I am posting some pictures. from my dinner last night and the last one is my newest toy I picked up today after realizing my 22.5 weber isn't enough lol.



rookie modified 22.5 kettle grill.






the boys in the grill!




pulled chicken




southern green beans and baked beans


onion soup potatoes



and my new to me 22.5 WSM. I bought it for $225 it doesnt seem like its been used a ton so think I got an ok deal.

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Q-views look really good.  Nice dinner at your house!


WSM looks brand new.



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yea its in good shape idk what used WSM's go for but I didn't want to spend 400 on a new one and this one was in good shape....very anxious to get some meat on it....tough during the week after work so will prolly have to wait till next weekend :(

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When you do get that WSM fired up you won't have to curl those ribs around like that anymore...

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yea i know :p and I wont have to smoke my chickens for 2 hours then move then to the gas grill to finish for 3 more to get the ribs on the smoker lol. i'm really excited to use this smoker. I have a bit of an obsessive personality so this is the first step into a downward slope of smoking every weekend lol.

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