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Sunday Tri Tip

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About three weeks ago, I tried my first Tri Tip Sirloin roast. The results, in my opinion, were excellent as we cooked the meat till it was rare to medium rare. Delicious! Very tender and a great flavor.

So, since Wednesday, I have been marinading another Tri Tip with a mixture of rub and liquids that just add a wonderful flavor to the meat. And, today, the Tri Tip went into the smoker. Again, I set the Yoder on 250 degrees and put it in the smoker. When the internal temperature hit 130 degrees internal temperature, I removed the meat from the smoker, wrapped it in tinfoil, and then towels, and placed the meat into my Playmate  Cooler where it sat for an hour.

Here's what it looked like after I sliced it up for the family for dinner.

There those who like to cook this as a Trisket. So well done that the meat falls apart. That's ok, but when this meat cooks up so beautiful and tender at rare to medium rare, I cannot be among those followers. If this were a chuck roast or a brisket, yeah, I could see this.





There really are very few meats that can be slow cooked and removed in smoking that rare to medium rare. I have done a Prime Rib which was absolutely fantastic but there does not really seem to be a lot of other cuts that can be done in this manner. Smoking food was designed to take tough cuts of meat, cook them at a low temperature for very long times. in order to tenderize the meat. I really cannot bring myself to take a piece fo meat that is already tender and cook it to death.

That's my story and I am sticking to it.


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Ed great looking tri. I just took tonight's off the smoker. I smoke one a week and we eat the left overs for a couple days. Makes great sandwees! We prefer tri to brisket! Such a great cut of meat!
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I agree....I like the tri's better than briskets.


Looks really nice.



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Nice looking tri tip  biggrin.gif  Job well done!  icon14.gif

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Originally Posted by KathrynN View Post

I agree....I like the tri's better than briskets.


Looks really nice.



Yes It looks very very good!     I see there's a tri tip frenzy going on here!


  Kat how much are you spending on tri's at Costco?      How's the quality of them also?   I think you saw the one i cooked a couple of weeks ago it was bleeding tons of myoglobin... i hope Costco's are as good but if they are half the price of $18 then i might be ok with lesser quality. 

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I can't remember the $ per pound....but the 1st set I bought was about $20 for 2.  They were smaller.

The next 2 I got were way more expensive.  Almost $35 for 2....but they were bigger.  I will make sure and look at the $ per pound the next time I go there.



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Tri Tips are not common to supermarkets in the San Antonio area. I get my Tri Tip from a local meat market and they sell them for $5.79 per lb. Considering that rib eye is $7.99 per lb., this is not such a bad price for a wonderful steak dinner.



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Hello Ed!  That tri tip looks delicious!  It is one cut of beef that I have a hard time finding in our area. 



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It's beautiful and tasty!
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