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Friday Ribs

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Couple days late but been super busy. Got a rack of baby backs on friday and they turned out pretty dang good. Had my MES up to 275 (never tried that hot before). Put rack in for 1.5 hrs and then took it out and wrapped in foil. Put back in for an hour. I had put some brown sugar, butter and a little more of the rub i use in the foil. After an hour I took ribs out and put back in for one more hour! Boom! They were gooood.

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Yummm.....I love good ribs!



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drool.gif  Nice rack of ribs!  thumb1.gif

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Its really is funny, was not that long ago if I would have said that is a nice looking rack I would been slapped and now everyone just accepts it cause we all like 'em. I am not sure I am heading in the right direction..... Hmmmmm...


Really nice looking ribs though. They looks like they might have a little bite and lately with the 3 2 1 method I miss that that bite.


Dang nice way to spend an afternoon though ain't it!

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