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New uds build.

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I need some help with other ways than sandblasting out the red paint on the inside of the drum becausse sandblasting cost so much were i live. I did one burn out so far but i think there is son of the red paint left. Some one told me that paint thinner should work what do y'all think?

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I don't think paint thinner will work. But I don't know that for sure. A weed burner works as does a big fire.

Would you add your location to your pofile. It helps other answer your questions.

Happy smoken.


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Just updated my location I live in Amarillo Texas.
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Yeah paint thinner probably won't work. Some of the linings are actually epoxy based to resist the chemicals or what ever was stored in the barrel. Too bad you can't get it blasted mine was $25 inside and out. You could try a weed burner just try and stay down wind.
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I thanks for all the info I am going to try and do one more big fire and if there is some paint left I will just sand the rest of it.
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It'll come off with an angle grinder (Harbor Freight sells some real cheap ones). That would be last resort if you can't get anything else to get it out.


You could also just post on CL or here to see if anyone in your area has a sandblaster and could do it cheap for you.

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