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Kobe Kabobs

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Okay... I'm a big boy. I can admit it. Over the last number of weeks I have been... Shall we call it obsessed with all things poultry? So much so in fact that my MES appears to be growing feathers.  It's been a month of smoking chicken, turkey, wings...  All that summertime goodness.

So it came as no real surprise upon my return home today to see this on the counter.


Fine! I can take a Hint! You don't have to poke me in the butt with a Skewer! 

Kobe Beef Kabobs it is.  




This is actually "Kobe Style" or "American Kobe" beef which is domestically produced and typically crossbred Wagyu and  Angus.

I call it Beautiful! 



I'm going to get to chopping the vegetables and cutting the beef. Brian

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I definately want to watch this.........

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I'm using Baby New Potatoes, Red and Yellow Bell Peppers. and Baby Portobello Mushrooms.  I put the potatoes in the microwave for a few moments to help along the cooking before grilling and insure they will be done.

About Mushrooms... Typically a Texan wont eat anything grown in Horse Poop! ...But I do like mushrooms with beef!



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I'm inpopcorn.gif


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Looks like a tasty start, we'll except the fungus!!!
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And here they are skewered and ready for grilling. Cant decide if I should use the gas Grand Turbo 6 burner or go old school and stoke up the Weber Kettle. Hmmm. 


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Looks good so far. I vote weber


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I second that vote David. Let's get it on. 


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We now get our newspaper by the internet  So I started using these Weber starter cubes.  Work great! B



That Smell... You know That Charcoal Smell?.. It Smells like... Victory.  Umm Sorry. 

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I have to remember to get the free sale papers. Other wise i'd be SOL. What temp are going to shoot for?


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I'm thinking 450 David. And not very long. That rod through the meat going to conduct some heat!  Suggestions?

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Brian.....I normally shoot for 350°. I have never added potato's to my Kbobs.


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The charcoal has proofed and time to burn off the grate and heat this baby up!


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On the grill. Using indirect cooking today for a little better control. 




Flip them one time. 


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These Kabobs were cooked with indirect heat for 5 minutes a side at 450. Flip them only one one time to help prevent the goodies falling of your skewer.   The final step is to carefully move them directly over the coals for a few moments to put a nice sear on the meat and veg.  Remember the potatoes were precooked in the microwave to about 50% done before they were grilled.


You cant have Kobe Kabobs without serving them over Rice Pilaf. The vegetables had a great smoke flavor and char but still firm to the bite.  And the beef was tender and juicy just like you'd expect from Kobe.



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That looks Great Brian!!!
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You know its Texas, look at the cowboy sized portions!

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Thank you Dave. Positive Super Moderator comments are always appreciated. I got in a poultry rut there for a bit.  The beef tasted great. 

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Looks yummy from here.  The next time I do kabobs....I am going to try something new.  Meat on one skewer....and the veggies on another one.  That way they cook a bit better and the veggies don't get overcooked.  And Dirt...leave the shrooms in for me...and take the 'maters off!  biggrin.gif



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MY T FINE job my friend. I could live off of that!

Happy smoken.


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