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Smoking Ribs

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I've tried smoking ribs several times since buying my Bayou Classic smoker back in January. I have used the 3-2-1 method while keeping the temperature between 225 and 250. Each time they turn out tough. What do ya'll think I'm doing wrong. Thanks for any suggestions.

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What are you using to measure your smoker temp?  Most thermometers supplied with the smoker from the factory are notoriously inaccurate...

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I'm going to say you have a bad thermometer.

Happy smoken.


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I'm using the gauge built into the smoker. It never occurred to me that it could be wrong. What gauge do you recommend?

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I use a Maverick ET-732 from here   It monitors smoker temp & the IT of your meat & sends the info to a wireless receiver & works great for me. There are many options but for the price I went with the Maverick & have been pleased with it...

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I guess I use a somewhat crude method. I have only smoked two times so far though.

I picked up a couple of small oven thermometers at my local grocery store, about 5 bucks I piece I think, they stand on the cooking grate - I put one on each end of the cooking area for what I am fixing - when I open for spritzing the ribs, I keep a check on my cooking temp.


I have however ordered and just received this week, the Maverick ET=732 - looking forward to trying it out on my next smoke.




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