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1st Whole BC Chicken

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So this was my first whole chicken attempt in my new WSM.  Did not brine.  Rubbed butter under the skin and applied our rub.  The breasts were a little dry.  Next time, I'll brine to see if that improves the moisture in the breast.

1st BC Chicken

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Good looking bird!  banana_smiley.gif  Yes brining is something to consider & should help your next one stay moist for you  thumb1.gif

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Sorry to hear it didn't come out perfect for you...keep practicing.     I've found NO brine is required cooking it good and hot @ 325 and birds come out dripping wet head to toe. 


Go with sand in the pan instead of water next time if you didn't do so.    Keith

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Hagisan, your Bird 'looked' good , but as FWI mentioned, keep practicing on the Chicken and   you'll find your Rhythm soon.


IMHO, brining is a great method for Poultry. You can infuse more flavor and the moisture in the finished meat is worth the trouble. Cook @275*F or higher and your skin will be at a better consistency for you.A lot of folks remove the skin after the "flavor" has seeped through  the meat during cooking.


Other methods are fun and give you a change of taste : use a compound Butter under the skin , simple EVOO on or under the skin , cover  the Breast in strips of Bacon anchored with toothpicks , and if your Chicken Throne will allow for moisture , you can go nuts with ideas for the contents ...Beer, Whiskey, Wine , Fruit Juices , Broths and so on... or use a pan to set the Throne in as it cooks if you have a UBA  (  Up the Butt Appliance) that doesn't hold fluids.


Then there's Injecting stuff into the flesh, and IMHO , I feel injecting from the inside of the carcass is better than poking holes in the outside leaving holes for juice to seep out of as you Smoke.


Basically , just have fun experimenting and find your own method...

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