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Smoking Turkey Legs - Tips & Suggestions Please

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I just picked up 4 Turkey legs about 2.5 Lbs worth .. so they arnt very big but you get the idea what im working with. and this time of year they are very hard to come by in my area.

I've smoked Turkey breasts a few times and they come out great. But wanted to try something different for tomorrow.

My Question is .... I usually use the Slaughter House Brine for Poultry ( It's flipping fabulous IMO ) plus Tony Catchers Creole Butter Injection along w/ Cajun Shake on my turkeys ( they are so good ) w/ some combo of Apple, Pecan, Oak or Hickory. anyway back to my question Should I just stick with what I know works on breasts and hope the legs will be equally delicious or does anyone have any other suggestions as to what they love or works best for them. Rubs, Injections, Spritz's & Wood. you name it ...

P.S. Best IT to pull im guessing 180 wrap and rest

Thanks everyone. !
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I would go with what works for you.  Legs being dark meat they will stay moist easier then breasts.  I would smoke at 300-325 and yes 180 is fine IT.  Good luck and have fun

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You wouldn't happen to have a ball park idea as to about how long a 3/4 Lb Leg would take to cook If I can get the temp to 300 ish. Im thinking since they arnt super huge bout hour and half to 2 hrs am I thinking about right.
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Marshman, You could "Guesstimate" your time for convience sake , however your best-safest (and our " Cardinal Rule" ) is by Temp.,  inside the middle of the Meat's mass. 165*F is safe and done ; however you can (with dark meat) go higher and it will remain juicier than the Breast done at the 165*F level.


You want to use a reliable therm. and use it for your finish temp.  Calibrate your Therms. often , as it will keep you on a level playing field.


Be safe and use good cooking practices in all your outdoor meals. Food poisoning is no fun . . .frown.gif


Have fun and . . .

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