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Today's victims

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My little pit master and I are doing a Boston butt and 2 beef chuck roast. I marinated the beef over night in stubs and plan on cooking them at 240* covering at 160* and pulling at 200-205 for pulled beef.

Butt rubbed and ready to go in

More pics to come
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Sounds like a good plan to me, Did you consider not foiling one ot the chuckies and compare cooking times and bark?

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I'll be checking back on this for sure!  Have fun with your smoke  smile.gif

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Yummmm.....sounds wonderful!  Keep us posted!



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3.5hr in I am going to put the beef in around 1:30-2 and hope to pull around 5
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Beef is on I did one with jims rib rub and the other with Monterey steak seasoning and injected with lemon juice and apple juice with a little honey
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Looking yummy from here!



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Beef is a little tough so I can't pull it but it will do good for samiches I think I cooked it to hot and fast. The butt is on time tho .

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