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Beef Short Ribs w/ Q-view

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This one will be an in-progress one.  

Last them, mustered them, rubbed them w/ one of my fav commercial rubs, Dizzy Pig's "Red Eye Express."  These are from last night total time in vac seal = about 11-12hrs



Slathered & rubbed




It's on the smoker now (MES 40 with A-maze-n-pellets "Pit Master's Blend" at 215°.  Plan on doing (all times = ish in hours lol) 2.5, 1.75 (til 190....ish :P ), .50-.75

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Count me in!  popcorn.gif



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Making me hungry

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That is going to be good!

Happy smoken.


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I'm gonna follow this as well  popcorn.gif   Can't wait to see how they turn out!

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With 45m left til foil...1st spritz done (mikes hard smashed apple cider). About 20min til foil.
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I know I'm late, but I didn't miss it !!!


Be back,


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Naw.... Ur just in time

Just before foiling:

In the foil...melted Unsalted butter mixed with brown sugar....laid ribs meat side down on top of that then poured about a cup of that smashed cider in with it. be continued
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Nice & meaty! They're gonna be awesome!  drool.gif

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Ghost Red you are doing an awesome job on these short ribs.  These are just awesome!!!!  I can get these short rib plates up here also. As you, i get the meaty part of the plate [usualy 3 or sometimes 4 bones].  I usualy get them cut thin accross the bone but left whole is awesome as well.  Reinhard

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Looking awesome!



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De-foiled and sauced...

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Yum! 32.gif

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Those are looking Awesome!!


Nice & Meaty!!!!




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Aaaannndddd.....done.  They were yummy, too.  The dogs are also very happy with the bones.  Trying to see a mini-dachshund try to eat one is almost comical.  Probably hard to tell by the pic...but they were very juicy.  A little more done that I prefer, but all-in-all...very happy w/ the outcome


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Awesome Final Plate!!!


Looks even better if you Left Click on the picture!!!




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