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Turkey Question

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I typically do the thanksgiving turkey.  In the past, I have just set it up on my Kettle and cooked indirect at about 325-350. 


Now that I have graduated to the offset, I figured I would want to do at least one before T-day.  I am planning on running a hotter fire hoping to be in the same temp range, using pecan.


My one question goes to bird placement.  I was thinking to put it right in the middle, rather then close to the fire box.  the question is does it make a differnce if I put the cavity parrellel to the smoker or cross wise?  Should I turn 180 degress half way through?

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Is your offset a reverse flow?  If so, I don't think position really matters that much.


If not, I would keep it on the end of the smoker away from the fire and rotate it a few times during the cook.  That's what I had to do when I did a turkey on my Char-Griller Smokin Pro.


Good luck,



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Have a Horizon 20" RD Marshall, so not a reverse flow. Wig the 44" cook chamber, I a figuring half way through would minamize the hot cold sides. Only a 12.5# bird so I don't think it would obstruck air flow too much. I can generally balance the cooker to +/- 10F.
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Well I turned her twice on the hour. Almost spot on 3hrs like I am used to.
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I usually buy one of those cheap little styrofoam coolers when I buy the turkeys, then when I take them off, I stick each one in a cooler, after about four hours in the cooler all of the meat will fall off of the bone and I mix it all up, white and dark together.......I cant wait for Thanksgiving...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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So kinda like pulled turkey? We went kinda simple I dinner. Just the turkey, dressing, and of course cranberry sauce. The house still smells of celery onion and poultry seasoning. YUM!!!
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Yes,   pulled turkey, all mixed up, just a little salt and a dash of rub mixed in.   Man ol man, its good.


You really mixed me up today with that pic of that Turkey, got me hungry.

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Originally Posted by TBJOEBBQ ss View Post

Well I turned her twice on the hour. Almost spot on 3hrs like I am used to.

Good looking bird Joe!



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I got me a 10 pounder in the freezer that pic def got me thinking its time to smoke a turkey.. Good lookin bird

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This guy got a lot of people going with that pic, I'll be buying one as soon as they go on sell.

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Hey Rib,


I am actually pretty cheap when it comes to cooking.  I think we just get used to November prices on turkeys.  Even at $1.39 #  it is still a really cheap cut of meat.  I like turkey, just hate waiting to have one just once a year!


I saw that you are located in Tampa and Orlando?  That just about makes us neighbors as I live in Lakeland.

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So your probably as sick of this rain as I am...

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Oh yeah. I keep telling my self that the rain is keeping thing green and I am actually starting to get a lawn back. At least that is what I keep telling myself. Lol.

I was concerned about the rain for this cook. We would like to move in the next couple of years so I don't want to put a lot of money into a smoking/grilling shelter. Hopefully the weather holds as I have a brisket to cook sat/sun.

I tried looking up what others have done regarding tents, however with how we get our downpours. Not sure they would be too effective. Especially when we get the wind as well. Any thoughts?
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