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I had never done spare ribs before so I decided to try the 3-2-1 method. When I unwrapped the ribs after just short of 2 hours I found the edges burnt badly. They were pretty thick slabs and I kept the smoker at 225-235. What wasn't burnt was definitely over cooked. Where did I go wrong?




After checking my MES  temps with a dual probe I found mine to have very fluctuating temps on any of the racks during a cook. The lower rack runs much hotter than the upper racks. If you think about it it must just to get the top at a set temp. My solution is to place the meat on the racks depending on the size. Or if I am only smoking one I use the top rack since it is the most accurate. The controller's internal temp   probe must be on the top. When cooking ribs I cut the in half and put the fat end(big) on the bottom wrack and the thin piece on the top. I set the controller at 215 and use the 3-2-1 method.This works for me Your mileage may vary. 

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Your flavor will come in that first few hours on the smoker. Same principal Oven or smoker. When you wrap you are doing a couple of things. You are sealing in all your liquids, seasonings and juices. Since they don't have anywhere to go the meat cooks and steams in the foil. Second this prevents any more smoke getting to your meat. You may have read some other threads about wrapping various meats because they were getting too much smoke. My question to you is since you have your smoker going anyway why place them in the oven?

We have a couple of chain BBQ restaurants here in Tyler, They use those big commercial smokers and do pretty much what you are talking about. And most of the time pretty good results. Usually depends on their holding time. Too long and they dry out, Try to rush them (if they are busy) and are a little tough. You should do just fine since you are eating as soon as they are ready.

One more note. When I smoke I usually fill up my smoker which insures that we usually have left overs. I always re-warm my ribs on the grill and most of the time anything else that was left over. I am not a big fan of warming any kind if meat in the microwave.


Good luck and keep us posted



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When I do ribs, its usually by the case, and I like to use the "lights" ( I just dont like the big heavy ribs), keep my temp right at 300 and keep them wet with apple juice, usually they are ready to rock in about 4 hours.



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Ribwizzard, if it wasn't such a long drive I'd come eat with you, Looks good. WE are still under a burn ban in our counties. The only thing they are allowing for outside cooking is gas grills. Maybe we will have some rain pretty soon and get back to Smoking. I did call the city and explained what I had. They said if they made an exception for me than they would have to do the same for everyone else. Disappointed but I agree. WE sure do not need the fires we had a couple of years ago.



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Thats crazy...we were getting three rain showers a day until last week, now its only one. Havent been able to cook much due to the heat and the rain.

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Send some of those showers our way, they have a chance in the forecast, we'll see. Having Brisket and Rib withdrawal's



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Had both of my Grandsons ask "When are you going to cook some Ribs"



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When should I put my rub on. I just smoke ribs for the first time and my husband had me to put the rub on the ribs. We then wrapped them in foil and let the rest in the refrgerator over night. The ribs were a little dry, so I was wondering if the rub should have not been put on and let it set over night.

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I like letting the paprika work its way into the meat, so I say the night before, others will say right before you load them on cooker.  More than likely the dry ribs had more to do with cooking method than the rub,  try mixing it into a paste with pure maple syrup and coat them good the night before. Use a rub that does not have a lot of brown sugar.( Bar B q magic is good) and try to cook them right around 300. Keep sqirting them with apple juice to keep them wet.



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OK ... Here is how I was taught ( and have nothing but good compliments) to prepare the ribs.

First prepare the ribs by pulling the membrane.

Second slather mustard or olive oil (I use mustard) to use as a binder and then generously apply your dry rub.
Wrap and put in fridge for at least 12 hours.

Third. take out of fridge and let them come to room temp before putting in the smoker

Now ...

Put on smoker at 225* to 250* (You have that much variance in thermometers) for 3 hours.
Remove and wrap the ribs in heavy foil and baste with approx 6 to8 oz of apple juice per rack and put back on for 2 hours.
Remove, unwrap, baste with a small amount of BBQ sauce for a glaze for 45 min to an hour.

Then grab a cold beer and make a pig out of yourself on these delish ribs you have just prepared.

Hope this helps.
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What kind of sauce you basting with Peddler?



Now, with my parents being born in Germany, they have a total different way of cooking there ribs. It involves simmering in apple cider vinager with onions and garlic on very low heat for hours before grilling them.   They totally dont get the smoked style ribs.


I always wondered how the chinese resterants do there's?

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A good friend of mine makes his special sauce out of duck sauce and lee and pearons ( not sure if thats spelled right) along with what ever else, and makes them so sticky you can throw them againt the wall and they wont slide down.  The sauce is way better on skirt steaks though.

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I have done it both ways, If I have time I usually clean them up, rub them down with mustard or olive oil, then rub my seasoning on both sides wrap in plastic wrap and return to fridge overnight. Most of the time I just get up early and prepare the ribs as mentioned and let set while I am getting the smoker ready, than put em on. I spritz every 30 min. or so till I get ready to wrap. I cook at 225



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That is a SWEET set-up you have there!!  I also run hotter.  Usually I run 275-300 for 2hrs, then foil them up with apple juice for another 2hrs when I do babybacks.  Overdone for the competition curcuit, but I have yet to find anyone I know that does not like the fall off the bone tender, so my crowd is happy..


Do you keep yours open in the smoker as shown the entire 4hrs?  If so how to you keep them from getting burned?  how often do you juice them?



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When I do ribs, its usually by the case, and I like to use the "lights" ( I just dont like the big heavy ribs), keep my temp right at 300 and keep them wet with apple juice, usually they are ready to rock in about 4 hours.



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I also use he 3-2-1 method but I first wrap in plastic wrap bone side down with apple juice and brown sugar. Then a 2nd wrap with aluminum foil.

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I want your smoker!

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I keep them open the full time, but if cooking on a gas grill or doing baby backs I will foil for an hour or so.  If they are getting to done ,too quick, I will pile them up on top of each other, then spread them out for 15 minutes before pulling them off.


When cooking for really big party's, I will cook them for just three hours, then stack in a cooler and let them finish from the heat in the cooler, usually they will stay hot in there for 12 hours. ( Thats how the Tampa BBQ joints do it, cook today, serve it tomorrow.)

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As you can see there are lots of ways and suggestions on cooking ribs. Try several different ways and see what you like and works best for you. I usually cook the same pretty much each time, But if I see or hear something that interest me I'll give it a try. Always room for improvement or flavor change.



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I agree, the only time I stick to a recipe or method is when doing large cook outs,   but when just doing one slab, I usually experiment and play around depending on my mood.

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