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Pork Butt - First Time (with pictures)

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So, after much reading, and visiting a local Barbecue competitor, I decided to try a pork butt! ( I can honestly say I have never even eaten pulled pork once in my life) so this will be a trip....

On Wednesday I talked to a local butcher and he told me he could get me a good pork butt. I told him I wanted to pick it up Saturday for a Sunday smoke. No, problem...he said he would have it ready for whenever I wanted to pick it up! When I went today, he said he cut it this morning. (I assume that's a good thing) it worked out to $26.96 for a 3.4kg piece of meat. (7.5 pounds) I figure that's decent as well!

I rubbed it tonight with a simple recipe of Paprika, brown sugar, salt , pepper, ceyanne, and dry mustard. I did NOT put yellow mustard on the butt prior to rubbing it...I hope that won't be a problem.

It's in the fridge for the night, and my alarm is set for 4:30 am. As soon as I figure out how to add pictures from my ipad.....
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Sounds like you've got your bases covered. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

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Sounds like a plan!


Can't wait to see those pics!



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So.....i overslept the alarm a little, but still managed to have the Masterbuilt Pro Dual Fuel Smoker ready to go by 5:30 this morning. Outside temperature was about 12* C ( around 53* F) and there was plenty of thunder, lightning, and a little rain for "ambience". I don't have a fancy thermometer, just a $15 Walmart special stuck in the meat, and the faulty one that came with the smoker! I know from experience where I need to be on those thermometers.

Have been struggling to get consistent smoke. At one point a few minutes ago, two of my wood chunks were on fire and the temp spiked to around 375 in the smoker. Got that under control ( for now).

The big question.... Do I need to turn this little pig over, or do I keep it fat side up the whole time? Been going for just over 5 hours, and I think I am at " the stall" around 160* IT.

If anyone knows how to post pictures from an iPad I would be thrilled to share what I have done so far....
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I just keep fat side up the whole smoke. At 7.5 pounds you may want  higher temp if you plan on having it today.  Mine always take 1.5 to closer to 2 hours a pound.  your looking at 11 to maybe 15 hours or more cooking times.  Take pics and have fun

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From the butcher

Rubbed and ready!

5 hours in....
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Your q-views did show up.  Good Deal!  Everything is looking good so far!



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9.5 hours in and we are still locked in at 160* IT. Opened up the baffles a bit to increase the smoker temp by about 15 degrees (which is now running at about 240* F)
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Looking great so far!  Be patient and hang in'll push through that stall eventually.



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Trying this again.... A picture of "the Stall"
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Looking good. I've started smoking my butts in a 265* smoke chamber. Takes a bit less time and still a great product!
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I have found that after a good day of getting smoke... just wrap it in foil and in the oven to finish.  Believe me... you have plenty of smoke "goodness"!!





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The stall can be annoying , I always just wait it out , I cooked 3 butts yesterday , and 1 of them stalled for 2 hours , it was the largest of the 3 , its worth the wait

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Patience my friend, Patience. It will be rewarded. I don't know why people always think you are weird when you tell 'em to cook it a day in advance. Besides I really like it to have a little time to steep in the finishing sauce. You just can't rush perfection, its just so dang hard to wait though. I just thought, OMW what if we were women and PREGNANT!  That's enough perspective for me...... I can wait!

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