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smoking lasagna

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hey y'all...


Having a party and going to smoke a lasagna. Any suggestions on how to do it?  I guess just put the pyrex in the smoker with no foil? I am going to use smoked chicken ( leg quarters) and smoked pork as well as 3 types of cheese including sharp cheddar.  My tomato sauce will be 1/2 BBQ sauce. 

I guess my main question is obvious... smoking lasagna... or mac & cheese.. or beans... no foil... right?





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No foil. If you foil it it will not get any smoke.

Remember to post pics.

Happy smoken.


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Oh my lord can wait to see this one.... DROOL !
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I went to the search bar and found one for you.


Would be great with some smoked cheese too.


Show off that smoke!



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Thanks for all the replies... it seems obvious now for no foil.


Looking forward to Saturday... besides the lasagna we are smoking.. 10lbs of sliders... 8 lbs of chicken drumsticks (brined).. a 7-1/2lb pork loin... a ham... sausages... a beef brisket.. a meat bullet.. 2 boston butts... beans (with smoked pork shoulder).. veggies.. and a 10lb bag of leg quarters for the chicken salad.


Will post pictures when I recover!!





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I smoked a lasagna once and it came out Great, need to do it again:
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I haven't done this yet, but I would recommend using a disposable foil tin rather than the pyrex. I've used pyrex baking dishes in the smoker before. They are a bit of a pain to clean imo.
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Smoked lasagna has begun.  This is my first post with a picture... I am wondering if this is the way it should be posted?  Also wondering if there is any issues with showing brand names?  That being said... starting on the sauce tonite.  It's a homemade tomato sauce and going one to one with a BBQ sauce.  Slow cooking all night tonite and wanting it to solidify.  Will be adding a lot of minced garlic and that's probably about it.  The lasagna will be loaded with meat and thin-ish on the sauce.  Right now it is just sauce in a pan...

The BBQ sauce is just one that was on sale... but it's pretty good.


I am going to start a thread on the Waterfest party... which this dish is part of.





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I've done this a few times. Don't add your top layer of cheese until the last 30 min of your cook time and run with no smoke.

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Noted and thanks for the tip.  What did you use for your sauce?





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I made an italian sausage marinara and then smoked the marinara for a couple hours. No BBQ sauce added.


The reasoning behind not having the cheese on top is I noticed it melted too fast, sealing off the rest of the lasagna from getting smoke, and it also over absorbed the smoke.


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