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New Maverick ET732 user..weird issue

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The BBQ probe seems fine, however the food probe is running about 120* high. It was doing just fine until it started raining. I moved the transmitter and it fell, losing both of the probes. When I hooked them back up the food had jumped from 151 to 200. I reset the transmitter and the receiver, twice. On the second time I removed the probes from the transmitter and reinserted them. The BBQ one held steady, however the food one went up even more. Now it's reading a temp of 244. I've taken the probe ouf of the meat and reinserted it in a different point to no avail.

Any idea what is causing this?
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Um, maybe the rain or dropping it?
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Lol...I thought that of course..I'm hoping it's just being weird..
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When it fell and yanked the wires out it could have damaged a wire or the fall could have damaged the unit. Plug the probes in the opposite ports and see what it reads. That will tell you if it's a probe wire or the unit.
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I hope it's just being weird also. I always fear dropping mine and having to replace it.
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OK, so I switched the probes around like Dave suggested and they did appear more normal. I switched them back, and not it appears to be fixed.

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King.  Did you try unplugging it then taking the batteries out of both units for about 5 minutes? 

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Are you still under th 90 day warranty? I've heard Maverick is pretty generous with probe replacements.
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It started working just fine after switching the probes around and back...

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