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Trying to do this for the first time but I cant even figure out the difference between the flat and point. I am starting to think I was given the worlds strangest piece of meat. To me it looks like the entire thing is the point. There is a line of fat that is running through the meat which is seen in the first picture where I have cut it open a bit. If the left portion of the first picture is the point then my entire brisket is basically the point. Can that be possible?


Please help.


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Can't see the pictures in the usual SMF format.  Here is a link to show you how to upload them so we can see better. is a link to "how to smoke a brisket" that may help too.



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Sorry but I can't see your pics for some reason - here is a thread that should help you


As for myself, I cook brisket at a smoker temp of 225 - 250* & monitor the IT of the meat. Once it reaches 175* I start testing it every hour with a toothpick - once it goes in & out effortlessly I pull it. This has happened at a wide range of ITs - from 177 - 200* I then wrap the brisket in foil & put it in a cooler to rest for at least an hour before slicing it. As for time you can figure roughly 2 hours per pound but brisket has a mind of its own & can be very unpredictable...

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hope I added the pictures right

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You did great Sweetie!



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