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I know with the 4-5 I have owned or used over the past 9 years, I would get a bit of a chemical smell as the paint they use burns off the fire box or even the cook chamber.

I would agree that it sounds like you have addressed the issue.
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For RTV: went to eBay and got FDA food safe  RTV good to 500 degrees. Anything above 500 degrees and I am burning the grill out. Used wax paper vice saran wrap. On SFB let weight of  lid determine the sealing, and then ran bead outside and used putty knife to ensure a nice near t seal.  sealed around all openings using alight indie at night to ID leak points. On main chamber, want to see how the overlap does for sealing it.

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Hi! All, I'm a newbie from down under and have been gathering info from all over the place but since joining this forum I don't stray any more.

I'm into my first cook as we speak, a brisket of about 3 3/4 lbs. (I've got to speak American as all the info on this site is in American LOL) and am using Jeff's rub.

I will admit I was rather worried this morning when I started and had no idea about the fire/heat arrangement, I loaded up the fire box with a truck load of bricketts and away I went and so did the heat.

I soon realised that I was about 2/3's of a truck load too many bricketts so removed 25 to start with and then another 10 later on. I have my temp. down to 220F now and the meat has an IT of 108F.

I am using a mixture of smoking chips brought from a major hardware chain but am not sure as to what amount I need for this meat.

I am pleased to have found these threads with all this info for new comers and I'm somewhat calmer now after reading this info.

I few things I'd like to know is (1) what is the reason for extending the smoke stack to just above the grill plate and is there any reason for it to be placed in the front L/H corner?. (2) how many bricketts should one use for an average temp of say 225/250F ?. (3) how much smoke chips should be used?.


Reading about your fire crate I was thinking why don't you have a half dozen made up and sell then for say $30 ea.

Well it looks like I've come to my first "stuck temp" so I had better pop out and check things.


Cheers from down under.

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fpmich , I'll try to help , I bought one and it's sitting out rusting , gave-up on the Mods, I didn't have the stock or tools to do the Mods... here were my ideas...




1. Could I do it with just one upside down L angle stock (just the bottom angle stock in his pics).
Then lay an adhesive bead & stove rope (round or flat).  The lid should sit & seal itself on the rope wouldn't it?.


Yes.a good silicone adhesive will work (get high temp.)


2. Any reason not to use aluminum with rivets or screws, as opposed to steel & bolts for this?  Conflict with metals? Steel rusts.

 , add a drop of Lock


Actually , I believe the Steel ones will do , 'hint , drop a spot of Lock Tight ' to each nut  to keep them from loosening from the Contraction  , and  Expnsion of the metal during cooking nd in




I will be using my Char Griller Smokin Pro, for both smoking & direct grilling.


You will have no trouble , here is a good bit of reading that may help you . . .

3. Temperature question:  Will direct grilling exceed the temperature limits on the Permetex high heat sealants like the Red (500*F) or Copper (700*F) and cause either of them to fail?




4. I know that most of you use the Permetex Red.  Any reason not to use the higher heat rated Copper?  Is there a problem I don't recognize?


Get the highest heat you want , that's your choice and pocketbook.


5. Any reason not to have smoke stack extended down to great for direct grilling?  Probably a silly question.  I can see no reason for it to interfere.


Yes, you get a better smoke flow over your Meat . The heat (and Smoke( rise and cross above the Meat .


That should be easy to understand ... :rotflmao:


Thanks in advance for your help.  Don't get too technical on me tho'.  I'm a simple guy.

KISS principle apply's to me.  Keep It Stupid Simple!


Have fun and don't give up on the Smoker , I hear lots of good input on these units , once Modded .


Have fun and     . . .

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1. Look at the grill with the to open, and you will see that there would be a line from where the heat/smoke enters the main cooking chamber directly to the upper left corner where the stack is. So,  by putting in an extension so  down to the lower left corner above the cooking surface, you force the heat and smoke (mostly the smoke) to travel across the entire cooking surface and transfer to  your briskets (or what ever you are smoking.

2. Borrowing from our Dutch oven users,  The normal formula for Baking is to use twice the number of briquettes as the diameter of the oven.   For a 12 inch oven, you would use 24 briquettes. Figuring the temp in the oven ins about 350 degrees, you can do a lot of measuring and do the math. Since I  have more than one smoker, I now just  figured mine by trial and error and kept good notes. 

3. Sealing - I use FDA approved High Temp caulk good to about 600 degrees. Since we are smoking at 200-350 degrees, should be no problem and I have had none.

4. I made my stack extension from aluminum with stainless steel rings and no problem. I also have a set of Guardian Service aluminum cook ware and the FDA says it is safe.  So........................

 My main suggestion is to  keep a smoking log - Several available on line (or set up your own) and refine your techniques. That way you will always have a starting point for  whatever you are smoking, and you still have to monitor and adjust as you go.  Have fun!!!!!!

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Looks like I got some modding to do. I just picked this smoker up and I'm leaking like a sieve.

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