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My new GOSM 38" smoker

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I just got my new smoker from Costco. It was a snap to assemble and I'm seasoning it now. I'm planning on my first smoke being a whole chicken tomorrow.


I adjusted the temperature gauge with some boiling water before assembly. It was easy to maintain 225 to 250 degrees during the 2 hour seasoning and a box full of oak Jack Daniels bourbon barrel chips lasted the whole 2 hours. At the end I set it on high and got it up to 350 degrees, I think I can crisp the shin on the chicken right in the smoker.


So far, so good...I'm happy with my first smoker purchase.

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Sounds like you are on your way to some good chicken!

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Congrats on the new smoker. Personally I smoke poultry at 325 or so the whole smoke

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Good deal, how about a pic of smoker?

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Here is a picture of my smoker in action with TBS.

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Good lookin' rig...congrats on the new GOSM!



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I just went through my first tank of propane. It lasted me almost 30 hours and 5 smokes including an 8 hour whole chicken and a 10 hour pork butt.






I'm having a good time with this thing!!

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