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Smoking my first butt tonight!

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New member here, trying my first overnight smoke tonight. 8 pounds of Boston butt, due to the weight and weather forcast I am starting tonight. I will post pics, have read up on it and have a pretty good idea of what I need to do. The only question I really have is how often do most of you have to add to your fire? I am using a chargriller smoking pro, and i know it all comes down to the grill, but just trying to get some average times.
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JD, morning.....   Is that smoker of yours one that can use the Minion Method ???   I'm not familiar with it.....   On some smokers, the minion method will provide heat/smoke for 12-18 hours....     



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Sorry about the late response, I will have to read up on the minions method, I am a complete greenhorn as far as true smoking is concerned.

Being my first overnight smoke, I was anxious and couldnt sleep, so after everything was done and served, I relaxed then went to bed. Overall, I was very happy with the pork. Probably the best I have ever had, although next time I may add a little more smoke.

I pulled it at about 185-190 internal temp, which took 13.5 hours. I was expecting a 16 hour cook, but it came out so tender you barely had to chew it. While cooking i was able to maintain a temp within 5-10 degrees of 225, unfoiled the entire time. Sprayed it with apple juice about once an hour for the last 4 hours. Once I pulled it from the grill i wrapped in foil and towles, let it sit in a cooler until serving. The meat was still at 150 degrees at serving time, four hours later. it turned out great I thought, we gave away around 3 pounds of it, everyone loved it.

Here are some pics, if I can figure out how to post them.

Just pulled from the smoker

Just pulled from the cooler and ready to pull apart

The first cut

Ready to serve
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JD..... great job on the grub.....   icon14.gif .....




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Looks some Pulled pork.



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Thanks guys, I was happy with it, being the first I had ever done. The bark was great, but it was still so tender I doubt i ever try foiling it. Without reading these forums I never would have knew where to start, the info available and people here are incredible.
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Fine job on your 1st butt!  Fine job  thumb1.gif

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Yep, you're hooked! Some one get him a T-shirt.


Dang nice way to spend a Sunday, ain't it.

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Thanks guys, I have a lot to learn, and I will always be trying to improve. But this was only the second time I have used my smoker, so i am happy with where im at so far. If i can get off work early I may yet a prime rib sometime this week.
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