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Drying herbs like Basil...... using the Q-MATZ

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Sweet Basil is an herb that adds great flavor to many dishes.....  

Over the years, I have tried drying many herbs and this method seems to work well for me.....

Since acquiring the Q-MATZ, from A-MAZE-N Products, life just got a lot easier....  

Not only are they for your BBQ stuff, (non stick, easy clean up) they are great for your

dehydrator also...   I use parchment on the bottom so stuff that has sugars, like garlic, grapes, cherries

don't stick, and it's cheap......

Well, herbs do well with parchment also, and even better with the Q-MATZ holding the leaves in place so

the forced draft of the dehydrator doesn't re arrange them.... LOL.....     


Here are the leaves on parch......



Here they are with the MATZ holding them in place.....

The MATZ allow for great air circulation and speedy drying.....



I set the dryer to 110 deg F....  herbs dry nicely, keep their color,

and retain the essential oils for great flavor.....



24 hours at 110F....  color still there and the taste is almost

like fresh picked......  

If you dry anything or make beef jerky in a dehydrator, Q-MATZ

will be a great tool in your home food preservation arsenal....



The leaves lost a bit of color.....   Bride had cherries in the dehydrator....

I didn't know it....  So I had to put the basil in the freezer for 2 days until

the cherries were dry.....   For some reason, she did not want her cherries

to taste like basil......    Go Figure.......   




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Nice post Dave thumb1.gif  I have always chopped my basil in a food processor with a bit of olive oil & then froze it. I have a friend growing some herbs for me & I will have to give your way a try. Those Q-Matz look nice - I will have to get some when I get working again  smile.gif

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Cool ....haven't thought about that one!



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Ya its great idea.. I will also try this... Thanks for the info...

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are those mats expensive?

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Below is the site for Todd's stuff.... He's been an active member and sponsor on this site for years..... Dave

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thx daveomak

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