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Smoky Mountain Smokers

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Does anyone out there know anything about Smoky Mountain Smokers? I've researched them a little bit and was curious about the 32" electric two drawer smoker. I found one at a yard sale still in the box. The lady's husband passed away recently and she just wants to sell it cheap. I told her that her price was too low, but to hold onto it after I consult with some sources. I think if she gives me that good of a deal, she will be getting some bonus extras from any smoking I do for awhile.  I believe it is made by the Landmann company. Thanks in advance for any info.


Thanks again!



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Don't know much about these but online they go for about $270. 


If she's asking less than $200 go for it...and supplement with plenty of pulled pork, etc.


The complaints I've seen with this smoker are about the same as for any electric, not enough smoke, which can be fixed by ordering an AMNPS from Amaze-N-Products.


I hear the temps are pretty steady though, which is a good thing.


Normal retail on this is $369 but Amazon has them for $270 with free shipping!


Good luck,



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