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Smokin-it Ups the Ante

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The good folks over at Smokin-it have upped the ante in the electric smoker market.  Always the value leader in stainless steel electric smokers regarding price and capacity as well as results, they have now introduced a Model 4.  While it is pricey at $1399, plus shipping, Smokin-it has managed to keep it below the cost of similar sized analog units in the family of premium smokers. A premium digital smoker will always cost more, so if digital is not that important, they are trumped as well.


Aside from the sheer size of the unit and it's price, the 1500 watt heating element is shaped in a "M" configuration,  similar to what one would find in a conventional electric oven. The wood box has been redesigned.  Although not mentioned on the site, I am guessing that the casters remain larger than the competition and that it also has a rather long electrical cord negating the need for an extension cord in most applications. With 5 shelves measuring 18 inches square, and 11 shelf positions, the potential for massive neighborhood feasts and family gatherings during the holidays is limitless.  And yet it should remain suitable for less ambitious meals, such as a couple racks of ribs.


It will be interesting to see how this smoker is received by the BBQing public.  And just for the sake of clarity, I am not connected with Smokin-it beyond being a customer, having purchased a Model 3 last year to give as a gift.

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Sarge, morning.....  very interesting.......    



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It is an interestingly sized smoker to be sure. I have never been cramped for space in my Cookshack, but I can envision the  possibilities given a larger capacity. 



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