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Maaaaaaan. That would be epic. Speaking of boudin, have you tried stuffing ABT's with boudin yet? Sometimes I mix up some boudin with a little cream cheese and use that as my filling. So good.  

Got any recipes for that boudin sausage it's the one thing I have been going crazy looking for after I left Tulane.
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Seems they sell awesome boudin on every corner over here so I've never got around to trying to make it. Im sure there are several recipes floating around online though. Search boudin blanc.
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Boudin is also regional. What is made and sold in Lafayette is not the same as you get in New Orleans. The biggest change in today's boudin is with the increased availability of food stuffs people are now doubling the meat, adding spices and peppers in them thinking it is a good thing. Making them in-line with a "Dirty Rice" in a sausage casing. Seriously.


Originally Boudin was the cajun haggis. It was the stuff they couldn't sell, cooked with a small amount of veggie (garlic and onion), stretched with rice (what was left on the floor), and stuffed into a handy pig intestine to smoke. It was mashed up pork liver. If it was not washed and bloody (Today they actually add the blood) it was called red boudin or Boudian noir (Black). 


Today boudin is made with any meat, most come from pork butts now. few have the mashed up liver anymore that was originally a requirement.



A suggestion, if you are not very well acquainted in cajun cooking, buy a "Dirty Rice" mix from that company who's name starts with a Z, add a little extra ground pork and green onion tops, stuff it in casings. I'll bet when you eat it, you'll say its not bad boudin.


I try to make boudin every year. But its soooo hard to get fresh liver anymore. That frozen sliced grocery store stuff would gag a maggot. Its pretty funny when you throw it on the BBQ thinking its sausage though. LOL


I'll see if I can find or at least write down my recipe, but I assure you the mix plus pork in casing smoked will appease your palette.

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Cajun Smoke, that brisket looks good. Well done.
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Maybe I'll just call up the rouses on tchaptioulis street and see if they will give it up. I am guessing if you can find a decent butcher they will sell you the chicken livers. If anyone finds a good recipe I must try it. But no crawfish boudin, for some reason that kinda strikes me as a waste becuase it's never as good as I tink it will be.
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Here is chef Paul Prudhomme's recipe for boudin blanc. I would say its a pretty good looking traditional boudin. He even notes that if you cant find fresh liver, omit it from the recipe. 



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looks pretty darn good. :)
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