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Optimal Temp Profiles

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I have just recently upgraded to a MasterBuilt digital smoker. Now that I have much better control over meat and smoker temps, that is the optimal profile for smoking things like brisket? Should I just put it in, let it rise at its own rate to about 170 meat temp? Seems like if I smoked for a longer period at 220 the meat would come up to that temp? Any suggestions would be helpful. Looked on the forums but couldn't find this specifically addressed.
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I have an MES 30 & I cook brisket at a smoker temp of 225 - 250* & monitor the IT of the meat. Once it reaches 175* I start testing it every hour with a toothpick - once it goes in & out effortlessly I pull it. This has happened from about 177 - 200* IT. It depends on the individual brisket. I then wrap the brisket in foil, wrap it in towels & put it in a cooler to rest for at least an hour. After that I slice it.


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I have a MES 40 and id do 225°-240° But i have done fast and hot see link I shoot for 195 deg. I also use the toothpick test for a final temp.

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