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Chicken Smoking Help

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I need a little help on smoking a chicken. However, this is no ordinary chicken. My father in-law picked up a couple of cajun seasoned, deboned, and sausage stiffed chickens from a specialty meat shop in Louisiana. The instructions on it say to cook in oven at 375 for one hour uncovered and then one hour covered with the thread side up. There is no weight on the package.

My question is how long would you guys recommend and what wood? Or any other suggestions you can think of.

Also what would be a good temp?

Thanks - Josh
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I really wouldn't worry about the directions too much, especially one that says to go by time and not internal temp... chicken is chicken and sausage is sausage.  As long as you put your therm in the thickest part and cook to a 165 IT it'll be great.       


Fire up the smoker and cook it 300- 325 to you get up to temp, if you want to give it a crispy sear at the end over  some hot coals that's great too..let it rest and chow down!


Any smoking wood would be fine...hickory, apple, cherry, pecan, oak

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Yep, times 3 on the above. You got raw pork sausage stuffed inside a chicken so make sure that it's 165 IT minimum in the deepest part of the stuffing no matter how long it takes

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Great info thanks. So if I'm doing some 2-2-1 baby backs you think it would be ok on that lower temp?
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