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Smoking Ribs

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Mustard or no mustard that's the question? Any advantages to using mustard before rub? I see that process being used in several of Jeff's recipes
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I don't use the mustard.  Some folks do....I just use my rubs and go with out it.



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mustard is just used to help the rub stick to meat, i dont really see why use mustard, when u can get rub to stick to meat after a quick rinse under cold especially since the mustard flavor cooks off...ya see where im going with this? haha.
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Like T&B says, the mustard is only used as a binder.  I don't use it but many do.  I find that if you apply your rub, then let the ribs rest for a few minutes, the meat will "sweat" enough moisture to adhere the rub.  And the mustard adds no noticeable taste to the finished ribs.  


It looks like this is your first post here.  When you have a chance, you might drop in over at the Roll Call Forum to say hello and introduce yourself.  It'll give members a chance to get to know a little about you, and to give you a proper SMF welcome.



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I rely on the natural moisture of the meat or the water  like Turn and Burn said after a quick rinse. I used to rub the night before, but now  I just season right before the smoke. If I am going to be preparing the food somewhere besides my own kitchen I will preseason.

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I don't use mustard either & have no trouble getting the rub to stick...


Here is a good thread for you to check out...

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If I need something to mke my rub stick I use EVOO or a lite cooking spray. Nothing wrong with mustard if you wanna use it. What ever you like and it works for you. Go for it.

Happy smoken.


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I have tried ribs, butts, and briskets with mustard, just rub and oil (EVOO). I have the follow observations to share. These are from my experiences on my electric smokers (TEFS and TEFS, Jr.)

Rub only...this creates a dryer meat and the bark build-up seems also does not attract the smoke like having an oil-base for it to adhere too?

Mustard with rub...This works quite well as a base for rub and smoke adherence, there's little to no mustard taste afterwards and the bark build-up seems adequate? Mustard is used as an emulsifier for mixing oil/water in other settings, so I would assume this is the reason why it's popular?

Oil with rub...for me, this seems to be the most consistent for smoke flavor, bark-build-up and appearance, the meat gets that nice dark brown/black build-up and the the oil attracts the maximum amount of smoke flavor. I cannot exactly say why this is...but I will assume it has something to do with the electrical charge of oil vs/ water? Water is a polar solvent, meaning it has a slightly + charge from the oxygen binding, where as oil is a non-polar solvent?!

My $.02 worth!

Happy Smoking!

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it all depends! 

as a binding agent tried, mustard, thinned out mustard, Apple cider vinegar, water, EVO and nothing. i maybe be forgetting something else in there. i try too many damn things even when i'm happy with the results.


I don't think any of them are better than any other. the only time i really notice rub falling off is after i apply a heavy coat of rub with no brown sugar. brown sugar is usually enough to bind to meat as it is.


what i do notice is that the binder has to be a even thin coat no matter what it is, so you can get a nice even coat of rub and therefore a more even tasting finished product.


my personal choice for ribs on my gas smoker, in which I don't wrap in foil, is evo. i wipe it on by hand to get a thin even coat. 


i use evo not as  binder but notice then when i don't foil there is a measure of protection the oil provides and I know that i can go 2 or 3 hours with the door shut. gets good bark and smoke before i mop. i mop for flavor.

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No mustard here. I tried it one time on a butt and wasn't any different IMHO than without it.
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