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This weekend's smoke

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New here and new to smoking. Grilled my entire life, but obsessed with smoking now. Last week were 3-2-1 pork spares and they were great. I have a 30 MES and a horizontal. This weekend I am looking at a pork loin. Was thinking about simple brine for 24 hrs, rub, and then smoke at 225-250 until about IT 140. Plan on glazing with pepper jelly (saw on another post here) and back in for 15-30 minutes. All of this using apple chips...

Curious for thoughts and suggestions before getting started.
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Sounds like you have things figured out  smile.gif  I have done a lot of loins in my MES 30  Here are a couple of them - maybe they will give you some ideas too...


Have fun with your smoke - loins are quick & easy icon14.gif  & if you don't mind, make sure you take pics for all of us to drool over  drool.gif

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Your plan sound solid to me!  I like the wrinkle with the pepper jelly.  Just remember...We love Qview!



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Picked up the loin and will start the brine tonight for an afternoon smoke on Sunday.
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Good deal - looking forward to it  smile.gif

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Ok. Down to the last little bit.
Made the brine and cut the loin in two on Friday. Brine'd until about 1 today. Two layers of rub and smoked until about 137 IT. Pulled and glazed with pepper jelly. Put them back on until 145 IT. Pulled final time and wrapped in foil for about 45 min to an hour. I'll post final carving pics after. Here are all pics up to now.

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Yummm!  drool.gif  You're eating well this evening!   The loin looks great icon14.gif

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Pulled it at 145 and wrapped like I mentioned, put the temp only got up to about 147 and then started decreasing. Carved it and I think it could have been just undercooked. Great taste, but just seemed off a tad. I put the second one in the oven at 250 to try to get the temp up to 150 and compare the two. Thoughts?
Below is the first one.
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150 IT was perfect for the second one.
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They look great to me!  icon14.gif  I pull mine at 145 - 147* IT & they turn out great for me but I never brined any before smoking...  Glad your 2nd one was perfect  beercheer.gif

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