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Smoky Hollow

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Hello everyone!! Is there anyone out there that's a Smoky Hollow Fan?? I have a 38''vertical Propane Smoker and I love it. Just seeing if anyone has any tips/tricks for it? Also looking to kinda make the smoker my own. I'd like to go off the back vent and put a stack... Any suggestions just kinda want a custom smoker to show off to friends and family. Thanks hope to hear some good info!!!
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SH, morning.....   Folks have added needle valves to the propane line for better, lower temp controls in the smoker...  Some propane smokers need a few vents near the top for moisture/smoke venting... usually a couple 1/2" holes will work....  as far as a stack goes, stacks usually create condensate that may drip back onto the food or drip inside the smoker..  they don't perform too well.....   



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