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A Day of Many Firsts! Brisket and Butts

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So there have been a few techniques i've read about but haven't tried so i wanted to get all of those out of my system this past weekend...


What i haven't done yet in my smoking career:

- Trim a Full Packer down to the point and flat

- Make Burnt Ends (out of the point)

- Hi Temp Smoking (for pork and beef)

- Smoked Butts fat cap down


Well everything came out GREAT! Smoked at 275-300 all day and got through stalls quickly and the meat is not dried at all! Will definitly keep this in mind for future cooks!


Got up at 530am to get smoker prepped and going. Food was on by 630am. Rubbed the briskets in a simple SPOG and paprika rub. My usual butt rub for the butts and some left over Applewood Maple rub i had on the shelf. 


My little 10lb bundle of joy riding passenger on the way home :)


Butts and Brisket Flat rubbed...i didnt get to bed till late and woke up early so i was lazy with my rubbing as you can see haha! But today was all about experimentation so it was ok!


Brisket Point rubbed. I think i may have butchered my separation technique..more practice needed on this one!


There she about 270 right now and i left the vents open half way to slowly climb and off to bed for a few hours


Woke back up around 10am and the smoker was dialed in right at 300 degrees! Awesome! But the point was already at 215 degrees! So panic ensued. 


Quickly removed the point and started to cut it up to cube and sauce


nice smoke ring and very juicy! The 215 mark didnt over cook it at all, thank god for fattier cuts of meat


Cubbed up and doused in my sauce and back on the smoker for a couple hours


These things were DELICIOUS! At this point a couple friends came and they couldn't get enough


Around 1pm the Brisket was up to 190 so i took it off and wrapped for a hour and sliced into it. Deep smoke penetration and very tender


A few more friends came over and we went to the pool for a few hours to let the butts keep cooking for dinner. around 4pm they were up to  only 180-185 but the poke test confirmed they were already falling apart! so i pulled and wrapped for 2 hours. 


I didnt get any pictures of the pulled pork..we were all to hungry to wait haha!


Overall i'm happy i did these new techniques...and loved the results! It was a learning day for sure!


thanks for looking


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You had a plan and looks like it paid off! Nice job!
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Everything looks great! I'm a big fan of high temp smoking, especially chicken and tri tip!

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