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Tubed Casings???

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Hi All I have a Grizzly 5 lb stuffer. My smallest stuffing tube is 5/8 OD. I'm thinking of purchasing small tubed sheep casing to make hot dog size bratwurst/German sausage.What size sheep casing will fit on my 5/8" OD stuffing tube?

Thanks Dan

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Hi Dan - Nepas gave you that answer in the thread you linked to...


Straight tubes


3/8 is 9.5mm. good for collagen, and small mm sheep


7/16 is 10mm good for collagen 16 thru 21mm, hog 17mm, sheep 18 thru 22mm


1/2 is 13mm good for collagen 21 thru 23mm, sheep 20 thru 24mm


9/16 is 14mm good for collagen 24 thru 32mm, hog 29 thru 34mm, sheep 22 thru 24mm


5/8 is 16mm good for collagen 32mm, hog 30 thru 34mm, sheep 24 thru 26mm




Tapered tubes


3/8 good for collagen 16mm


7/16 good for collagen 19 thru 21mm, sheep 21 thru 23mm


1/2 good for collagen 21 thru 30mm, sheep 22 thru 24mm


5/8 good for collagen 32mm, sheep 27-28mm

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Hi I didn't realize the tubed work the same way as other casings.Just checking anyway to make sure before I purchased them.
So then In have to go with a 24/26 size, to fit 5/8 tube?
Thanks Dan
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