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The meat being smoked often has high fat content.  I just let that fat drip down into the charcoal'wood fire, not catch it in a pan.  Correct?

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If you are using a Smoker, there most likely is no Fire directly below the meat and a water pan that will catch the drippings. If you are smoking on a Grill, you should be using Indirect Heat, Fire lit on one side, meat on the other. In this case Definitely use a drip pan as the accumulating Grease can Flair up during the smoke or next time you build a fire in the whole grill making a lot of nasty tasting Soot...JJ

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Thank you for your response.  I will be smoking on a Weber Smokey Mountain cooker.  You assume a water dish to catch the drippings.  Where should that dish be placed?

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Usually there is a place for it to hang onto just above the coals.

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