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First Smoke.

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Well I finally got my UDS built and had my inaugural smoke this weekend.  I posted a whole write-up in the pork grilling section but it’s still waiting for moderation..  Anyhow, I built a UDS with a big papa smoker kit.  It performed great and I had no problems maintaining a steady smoking temperatures. 

I did however run out of fuel about 8 hours into the smoke.  I used a FULL basket of lump charcoal with apple wood chunks and I used a half of a chimney of charcoal to start it using the minion method.  It looks like most others in here are able to get 12-14 hours out of one basket, is it something that I could be doing wrong?  It’s not the end of the world, just kind of a hassle to take everything out in order to refuel the basket.  Does anyone know of any mods that I could use to add some sort of trap door so that I can add fuel more efficiently? 



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Glad to here your UDS is working for you. I'd say your charcoal basket may just be to small. Not sure what temp you were holding. I have got more than 15 hours on 3/4 basket and still had caol left at the end. However i do have a large basket. You might try bricketts next time and see how that works for you.

Post some pics of your UDS when you get a chance.

Happy smoken.


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