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Leaking smoke help?

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 I have a new GMG Daniel Boone smoker that is leaking a bit of smoke from the door. Maintaining heat is not an issue but should I fix it and if so how?



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A lot of folks put a gasket around the door to the smoker on the lid itself so when it makes contact with the body of the smoker, it will have a tight seal.


There is a company that sells many forms of gaskets called: They will have a solution for you. I just order a gasket for my Yoder wood smoker.



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Personally, I wouldn't worry about it.  If it's not bad it will most likely seal on it's own with use.



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I would first check your lid and where it connects before doing anything, it might be slightly skewed and you may be able to align it better.

But if that doesn't work you can use  Permatex 81409 High-Temp Red RTV Silicone Gasket, 11 oz.

And as Mr. T points out, it may be nothing to worry about.

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