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best wood for smoking

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I smoke a lot of pork. I use hickory and mesquite....mostly mesquite....what does everyone else recommend ? 42.gifdrool.gifth_INGardenbbq7.gifgrilling_smilie.gifth_4th_of_July.gif

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Whatever you've got is my favorite, as long as I get to eat.


I always say use whatever is locally available, where I am there is alot of pecan, so I use pecan a lot. Great smell and a light flavor. North Carolina it was hickory, Texas mesquite. Wood should be an extension of your enviroment.


One of the great unrealized benifits of Todd's pellet amps is the easy acess to all wood flavors. There are still woods I have not tryed, and I am still enjoying learning where they best fit. But its part of the enjoyment of smoking. The woods, sauces, rubs, the preps, etc etc etc........

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Apple, peach, and maple

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I use the AMNPS Pellet Smoke Generator... ...With Pitmasters Choice. It is a blend of Hickory, Maple and Cherry. It is smooth with a little sweetness and just a hint of the intensity of hickory. I use Oak Pellets when I want a mild smoke and even the Corn Cob is good. It gives pork that Old Fashion Farmers Ham or Sausage I remember from when Grandpa loaded the Smoke House...JJ

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I actually stopped using mesquite. To smoky for me. Now for every thing i use hickory and coal. Occasionally i will use cherry. Next year i will be using oak. My neighbor cut down a oak tree and asked if i wanted it..l said of coarse. It took me almost a month before i got it to my i just have to rent a log
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