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Overnite Brisket - plain and simple (QView)

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Decided to do a brisket saturday night, kind of last minute.    Rubbed down a 12 lb packer with my favorite rub, but went on the light side and added coarse ground pepper.   No injecting, nothing else:


Put it on my OK Joe offset smoker using lump and hickory. 

This was taken several hours (cant remember how long - coors light was distracting me haha)


Pulled it off this morning and it was FANTASTIC.   I kinda wanted to prove to myself I could do a great brisket without a complicated rub (although I still like to do it that way!)


Not the best pics, we actually got rain this morning in Texas so I was a bit distracted :)


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Great looking brisket Jimpam! I have not tried to smoke any brisket yet but will soon hopefully. I'm impressed with the slices also. Just beautiful. What type (or brand) of knife did you use to slice this? I'm looking for a knife that will perform like you've demonstrated. Great post. Thanks.

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That's a tasty looking piece of beef good job. The knifes skill look real good also.
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I wish I could say I have ninja knife skills - but for this one I just used my electric knife biggrin.gif


Its funny I actually told my wife this morning that i need a good knife - plan to start researching those this week

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Tasty lookin' brisket...nicely done!



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Very nice beercheer.gif

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