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2nd Smoked Turkey Breast w/ Q-View

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After haveing a huge success with my first ever smoked turkey breast a few months ago, and I say this only because
my fieancee hates turkey and she went in for 3rd's last time.. She asked me to make one again. So I decided to give it one more shot
and see if this one would be just as good.

This time I used the Slaughterhouse Brine. ( Which is amazing and smells so good ) Rubbed with olive oil and butter then given a healty dash of Cajun Shake. This was a 7.5lb breast hit the smoker at 12:45 pulled at 165 IT at 4:15 smoker temp about 260 ish the whole time.

In she goes Hickory & Apple mix just starting to smoke.

Pulled off at 165 3.5 hours later with about 20 min rest in foil in the cooler ready to slice.

Slice and ready to eat, and of course wash it down with a very good Pale Ale. Heaven.
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Looks great

Happy smoken'


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That looks delicious!

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Nice.  Some Sweet Potatoes and Greenbeans and 'Homerun'.drool.gif


But the Pilaf looks good too...

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Plating looks delish!



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Looks great how did it taste?

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Honestly Turkey has been my favorite thing to smoke so far...... It tastes amazing and takes the smoke so well. and If their are leftovers the next day
It's just as good cold. I brine and inject its Magical is all I can say.
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Me thinks you got turkey wired....great job and the fact the GF ASKS for

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Looks GREAT. I normally do whole birds but decided today to call a friend and smoke just the breast in a few weeks. Did you use a water bath under the breast? Also did you keep smoke to it the whole time. I brined my birds in apple juice for 24 hours before and I think it makes the smoke hold to the meat while keeping it juicy at the same time. Thanks for sharing with us.

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Looks great!! And if you've converted the girlfriend, even better!

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Boy that breast look s really good. Nice job.

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