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First Smoke (Boston Butt) (Now with QViews)

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I did my first butt today on my MES 40.  Bought a 6 pound boston butt I picked up at the butcher shop.  While I seasoned my MES 40 for the first time I put the temp gauge I had in my grill into the smoker to see what the temp difference was.  This morning I got up at 6:15 started the MES to warmup and pull the butt out of the fridge to let it warm up for a couple of minutes before I started it.  7:00 it was in the smoker and everything looked like it was going great.  About 3 hours in I stuck the temp probe into the butt and the temp was already well above 140 degrees and I knew I needed to get ready to wrap it (I used foil pan and covered tightly).  By 1 PM the but was already at 190.  I thought that was a little quick so I pulled my grill thermometer out and it evidently was broke because the needle dropped to zero.  So I dropped the temp on the smoker down to the 240 it was suppose to be to start but couldn't slow down the heating of the meat.  So I took the butt out when it hit 200 IT (checked with meat probe and thermometer and put in a cooler with towels all around it.  Is there any problems with it cooking so fast even though I made sure it the IT was where it should be?  I ordered a Maverick ET732 that should be here Wednesday so I hopefully don't have this problem again.  Thanks for the help.




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Happy smoken.


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Sounds fine, but it'll be much better when you know what's really going on, with that ET 732.




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I don't want to take it out of the cooler till I 'm ready to pull it.  I will get one before I start pulling it and after it is pulled.  


Also, does anybody have a vinegar PP recipe (Eastern North Carolina)?  I have seen some on here but they all seem to have ketchup on it.  I am use to it being a clearer sauce that you just need to put on a little bit to get the flavor.

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1 cupwater
1 cupcider vinegar
1 tablespoonsugar
3/4 teaspoontable salt
1/2 teaspoonground black pepper
1/2 teaspoonred pepper flakes


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I added some QViews in the original post.  


Took it out of the cooler and helped the wife pull it.  Put it in a container and poured the juice from the pan over top of it so it wouldn't dry out when we reheat it.  Tasted good as I kept sneaking pieces during the pull.  LOL  


Now on to the baby back ribs.  I will be trying those out Thursday,

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Yup!!!----Definitely looks Great from my house!!!




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Looks delish!  I would recommend putting the drippings in the fridge until the fat congeals on top, then scrape it off and THEN pour the uber-delicious brown liquid gold on the PP.


Works very well.....learned that tidbit from BearCarver!



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