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Today's victim

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I am smoking a 5lb brisket flank and 3lb pork lion today. Thin layer of mustard then a generous coating of Jeff's rub and a little injection of apple juice sprite and some rub. Smoking in my old country off set with apple first hour pecan second hour and finish off with a little hickory. Cooking at 235-250 foiling at 160 pulling at 190 degrees. Going to put the pork on about half way threw the brisket cook with the same steps until 135-140 degrees.


My little pit master.



FYI Jeff's rib rub recipe will make two of these.ahyjyzuz.jpg

More qview to fallow
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Looks great....and the little helper is adorable!



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That is going to be so good!

Happy smoken.


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There you go, train them early and it will save you a lot of prep work in the future!
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At that cooking temp your loin will probably only take 2 hrs +/-.

Test your Brisket with a toothpick. I start probing around 185*. It will be done when the toothpick goes in without resistance in multiple spots.
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3.5hr in
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Looking great. I also love the young pitmaster. Sharing a hobby with your kids has to be great.



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Looking good
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@disco. very true I lve doing stuff with the kids my 11,16 girls hunt and shoot archery with me and my little man smokes meat and fishes
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And my wife threw down in a home made blackberry cobbler era9a2uv.jpg
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Mmm...looks delicious!

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