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Que-View of "afterthought" 3-2-1 ribs

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So I did my first brisket yesterday on my Weber charcoal and since I had 14 hours to kill I thought I would try the 3-2-1 method for ribs as an "afterthought" side project.  Had heard much about it, but had a version of making baby backs already that is/was pretty killer so I haven't strayed until now.  I did these completely different than my previous ribs (outlined below):


    OLD                                                   YESTERDAY

- Baby backs                                    - St. Louis cut spareribs


- Left membrane on, but scored it       - Removed membrane             


- Dry rub night before                         - Dry rub 2 hours prior to smoking


- Cooked 5 hours at 225 degrees in    - Cooked 3 hours in ECB smoker (hickory), then did

  roasting pan with tightly sealed foil     2 hours in foil wrap (in the oven since Weber held brisket) with kids apple juice box juice

  and plastic wrap combo over liquid     (did I mention this was an afterthought) and some extra rub

  smoke and water mixture


- Finished with slathering of bacon     - Finished indirectly on my Weber (once the brisket was in

  grease and then onto the grill for        the cooler) with BBQ sauce for about 30-60 min

  sauce and grilling


Here is the Que-view for my modified 3-2-1 (since I used oven) St. Louis ribs:



They were perfect "bite off the bone" tender and juicy, with some of them being almost bordering on "fall off the bone."  Was happy with the smoke ring also...


Interested to hear any comments both about the old and new methods, plus wanted to let the newbies out there (like myself) to know that you can use the oven and charcoal grills as part of the process also if needs be.  

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drool.gifLooks great. nice smoke ring

Happy smoken.


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Looks good. I just finished a rack of baby back ribs on my cajun injector smoker using 3-2-1 method. Simular method of rub and removed membrane. Sauced mine and finished back on the smoker but i bet finishing on the grill carmelized them nicely for you.
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Thanks for the feedback fellas, with the success I had the first time...don't think it'll be the last time I do 'em like this!

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Look great and there's nothing wrong with a little Oven action when necessary.biggrin.gif Now, was the Brisket as good as the Ribs looked icon_question.gif


Pics please...biggrin.gif

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Well oldschool thanks for the kind words and since you asked here are the finished brisket pics (it's madness...beef in the pork forum!):







I felt pretty good about it for my first attempt with no actual "smoker" to speak of that could give me this long of a smoke...just the Weber, me, and 14 hours...not to shabby though...I've included the whole brisket thread below if anyone is interested:

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