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1st smoke on MES

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Decided first smoke would be 2 racks if St. Louis style spare. Prepped them and they have been in the MES with apple and pecan chips for almost 3 hrs. Plan on wrapping for a couple and then saucing one rack and more rub on the other for the last shift. I have the 30 so had to cut the racks. Some pics up to now...

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They are going to be great.

Happy smoken.


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Today is my first smoke on the MES. I picked up two racks of baby back ribs. I'm wondering if the cook time with change because I also had to cut them in half.
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Update. Ribs were wrapped and back in for another cpl hrs.

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What did you put in with them? I added a little apple juice and probably only gonna let them cook for an hour..then sauce them and let them cook for 30 mins or so.
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Sugar in the raw, parkay, blue agave, tiger sauce, and apple juice. I'm in the last hour or so.
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They look delicious.
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Be patient and your Ribs will be good to go...


700 The done test...

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Nice work on the ribs! Just did the same yesterday, can never go wrong with ribs.

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Final meal... Did one rack with sauce, one just rub. Rub wins... Did 3-2-1 at 230. Also coal fired sweet potatoes and beans on the pit smoker, and husk grilled corn on gas grill with creole butter...
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