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Pork belly in michigan

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Hi all. I am from Southern Ontario and the price of porkbellies around here went stupid. 4.49 a lb. Does anyone know of a good place selling pork belly for a good price?

I can either cross at Amabassador for Detroit area, Aloganac or Marine City ferry crossing or Port Huron.

Been waiting all spring, summer to make bacon. got my amps and a whack of pellets when I was down south earlier this year and dying to try it.


Brian aka Navier

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I think you should find bellies at about a $1 lower per lb. in the States.  Call some chains in the areas and ask for prices in the meat or deli departments or fresh meat counters; and consider your exchange rate too. (there are easy free exchange calcs you can use).  Could be someone from those areas may chime in to help, too!

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I doubt you will get any meat, especially raw meat across the border.
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shop for groceries there all the time, never had a problem yet. Now going Canada to the states with meat is next to impossible though.

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I buy mine at a place called Great Lakes on M59 in Hartland/Howell. I think it was about $3.00 a pound
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As of today it is 3.49 a pound at Gordon's you must call ahead to order it 3 days it took me to get it. Comes pre skinned also.
Papa t
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i haven't bought a belly in a while, but costco had really good prices at least at one time.

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