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A HUGE Shout-Out to Jack Link's!!!

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I just wanted to share a great generosity story.
During the first couple days of the Black Forest Fire here in Colorado Springs, the fire fighters were in desperate need of high protein on the go snacks and meals. I was trying to figure out what I could do to help, I thought what's better than beef jerky, and I make it, but I knew that as much as I wanted to, I myself could just not make enough. So I did the next logical thing, I filled out an form with Jack Link's Beef Jerky looking for a donation to accommodate, at that time, 150 fire fighters. I had told a story of how, with several family members and many friends losing everything due to the Joplin tornado, that I have seen first hand what kind of impact the generosity of corporations like theirs can have during and after a catastrophe.
I heard back from a Jack Link's representative this week, and while they are not able to accommodate all requests, they decided that my plea did indeed "dovetail nicely with our overall plan and we are happy to assist."
I had given them the shipping address of the Care and Share facility out off of Powers, and Jack Link's informed me that they are sending $30,626 worth of product by July 26th.
I discussed the effort with Care and Share this morning, and they are quite excited to be involved with the effort.
I just hope that this effort will aid the fire fighters and first responders who continue to battle blazes across Colorado.
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WOW! $30K of jerky for the fellas! That's cool!
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Great idea - great success.  I know the firefighters will thank you.

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Nice job and good thinking on your part and kudos to Jack Link's for such a generous contribution!
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great effort on your behalf... even better effort for Jack Link's and Care and Share... your the man of the hour... points.gif
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Originally Posted by SmokinHusker View Post

Nice job and good thinking on your part and kudos to Jack Link's for such a generous contribution!

yeahthat.gif    Thank you for your insight, as to what our front line folks can use in a desperate situation, and who can provide those needs..



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That is wonderful news!  Thank you and thanks for sharing the efforts!



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So FedEx called yesterday to schedule delivery of 5200 lbs of Jack Link's product to my house. They wouldn't redirect shipment without a sizable fee, so I decided that I'd just rent a truck. Penske cut me a deal when I told them what I needed it for, so my son and I went to FedEx and picked it all up and took it to Care and Share ourselves.
This is a 26' truck, didn't have a whole lot of room left.

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Great job!

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Good job, glad it all worked out!

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......  2thumbs.gif......

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Not sure how I missed this thread the first go around.  Two of my childhood homes were lost to the Black Forest fire.  I made it up there just a week or two after the area was opened up to the public.  To say I was amazed is an understatement!  Much like after Hurricane Katrina on the Gulf Coast.


Kudos to you for contacting Jack Link's and kudos to them for providing much needed protein for those firefighters.  I always carry jerky with me when hunting and, truth be told, I also carry those $100,000 candy bars, too!

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Damn thats alot of jerky. I always grab a bag of jack links when hunting or for a high protein snack between races at the motocross track. Its good stuff
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My old squadron is one of the airborne firefighting (MAFFS) units. I don't know if any if that jerky made it to them, but good for you to make the request and then the delivery. I'm quite certain it was much appreciated by the firefighters.
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Great job and a wonderful idea on your part. That was terrific of Jack Links and nice of Penske to cut you slack.

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makes it easy to buy their product!:icon_razz:

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What a wonderful thought out project, and expensive, for both you and Jacks,


KUDO'S to both of you. bravo.png  for delivering some down home neighbor to neighbor help.


We are all neighbors, is the USA, aren't we?

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Thanks all, I only wish we could have done more, especially with all the catastrophic flooding we just had, just some crazy stuff happening. I was able to have my kids deliver a couple hundred pounds of it themselves in support of some of the flooding, so I was one proud Dad seeing them carry all that product into the fire station themselves.

And you are right fpmich, we are all neighbors. The one thing I have tried to take from my Dad growing up is he never met a stranger. :-)
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