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A-MAZE-N Products Hits a Milestone With Our 10,000th Customer!!!

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Hi All,

Today, we hit a HUGE milestone at A-MAZE-N Products

Our 10,000th customer made a purchase today from our site


Thanks To Everyone at SMF

Thanks to all those who tested my gadgets

Special Thanks to Jeff, as he helped us get started 3+ years ago

Thanks to Gary(Scarbelly), who was and still is my biggest fan!!


Everyday you wake up is a good day, so here's to many more good days!

Cheers!! Beer.gif





No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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congratulations man that is quite an achievement. As a repeat customer its easy to see why your business continues to thrive. Thanks for everything you have done for the community as well!

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That's AWESOME Todd!!!

Now it's on to 1,000,000!!!!
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Congrats Todd! 3+ years and 10,000 orders looks like you might be here to stay. Of course with the preferred service that you and A-MAZ-N offer, there really was no doubt.

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Congrats my friend! I wish you nothing but continued success. Let's Celebrate, A round of...BEER PELLETS ON ME!!!...beercheer.gif...JJ

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congrats todd......thumb1%20copy.gif.

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That's Awesome, Todd !!!


LOL---I knew you when.




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Congrats todd you really have a user friendly product
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Congratulations, Todd! Very much deserved...great company with great products...

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Congrats. Loving the tube smokers I bought from you!

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Well done Todd, it's always good to hear someone doing well.  

Have you any plans to sell to or in the UK, I've looked but can't find them anywhere.



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Not only congratulations but thanks. Your products have improved my experience with smoking. You deserve way more than 10,000 customers and I have recommended your products to all I know who smoke.



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Your little gadget has turned a lot of dull boring meat into some great Q

beercheer.gif To the next10,000.

Happy smoken.


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Congrats Todd!!!
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I think I've got everything you've made and they've made my q and equipment better. 100, 000 should be coming up soon. Congrats.
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I'm proud to be one in 10,000! Congratulations Todd... you deserve success. 

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Congratulations and thank you!

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Congrats Todd!!   Thanks for the excellent products!

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Congrats Todd! It just goes to show you that a well built product backed by honest hard work and great customer service will get you somewhere in America. Build what people want, give them the benefit from the quality, price it right, and you will be a success. Again, congrats to your Amercian ingenuity.
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