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Shipping container smoker!

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Looking to convert this 10 foot shipping container into a large walk-in smoke houe.  Experience, suggestions?

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Is it going to be a hot or a cold smoker?

Happy smoken.


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I like it! Looking forward to your build photos!
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I would fix one door permanently closed. I would frame the walls out so you could insulate it. I'd put in 18" deep racks all around and leave lots of room for hanging!
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That's a perfect unit.....  you are lucky to find a small container... I would insulate and sheet the outside....  the inside is fire proof and rack supports could be bolted or welded before the outside was put on....  Insulating the outside will keep the inside from sweating also....  and then you can wash down the inside or sanitize it...   With a nice finished exterior, the neighbors wouldn't know what's going on until the smoke appeared...

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Like Dave said. Those machined 1/2 logs would look really nice. A log cabin smoke house.

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Remember the building permit.

Happy smoken.


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David, evening.... I'm not sure, but a portable building less the 120 sq. ft. or something like that don't need no stinking permit....   I hate permits.... I don't think I ever applied for one...  ask forgiveness..... never permission..... LOL.......  



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Were you able to complete the conversion of the shipping container and if so how did you do it.



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