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smoker cleaning

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Whats the best way to clean a smoker (the cheap kind) to keep it from rusting. I'm afraid to use a hose
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Check weather report for a dry day.


I use the hose and blast it with hot water.


Then use a leaf blower to blow off all the water.


Then move it to under the sun to dry out, and get the fire going.




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My wife 'suggested" cleaning my smoker and I said   "touch it and you die" My Smokey MT is coated inside and smells great. Why would i even think of cleaning. This smoker could never rust. We are talking 10 plus years of smoke. However I have hosed out just enough to remove small chunks of wood and meat that has fallen to the bottom.

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Someday I want one of those big smokers on a trailer. For now I have cheap models so have to preserve them as long as I can since I know they will rust out
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I've never cleaned mine.  The grills of course, as the meat touches it.

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Big fan of the...weed burner, warming torch..whatever you want to call it & a wire brush.
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