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Yard-work and Smoke

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needed to do a little yard work...lawn-206133913.jpgso figured I would fire up the smoker as well. working overnight I stopped by the store this morning at 7am and searched for some butt. Being the stupidity most meat markets are nowadays, I ended up buying a slab of pork ribs for only 10cents more a pound! they also had some nice turkey legs for just over a dollar and some change a piece so I snagged a couple of those. ribmust657097209.jpgribrub-1688089913.jpgturkeyraw1139538534.jpgSmoker is up and rolling now with an apple and hickory mix of chips and I am sweating my @ss of in the yard. I will update at each section. but for now... food a little qvision loaded-1994745068.jpg

*Edit to add pictures.....Can't seem to get the orientation right though?
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popcorn.gif count me in to watch with ya!



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be patient to with the pics.... im still new!
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going into the foil at 3 hours...ribsfoil-1856968908.jpg
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I could not reply to your PM....but as soon as you make quite a few more posts...your threads/q-views will show up immediately.  You are in the part of being a newbie and the "system" is still checking your posts and making sure you are not posting spam.  We know you are not doing that....but it's a Huddler thing.


Here is a link to show you how to post pictures.  If your post is showing and the q-view is not.  Then you didn't upload the pics the right way for here.

If you are using a cell, IPad or something mobile...go to the main front page of the forum and click the mobile button and you will be golden.



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Hmmm I can't seem to get it to work. I'm in the mobile interface and click upload from device. I select my photo and then select submit. it pauses for a sec while saying "embedding" the nothing happens
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turkey legs pulled and look great! now just waiting on the ribs... I have the pictures if I ever figure out how to get them up here
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Nice looking leggs. I can't wait to see the ribs

Happy smoken.


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Oooooo.....great looking turkey legs.  Remember until you "post more".....the pics are going to be held for a bit.  I am looking now...and those legs look amazing!



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Nice job with the legs, looks delicious!

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Well here is the outcome.... Sleep deprevation got the better of me once I had finished my yardwork. My original plan was to run a 2.5-2-1 on the ribs. I fell asleep during the foil phase and ended up with a 2.5-3 instead. The ribs were way over done for my likeing. Once they cooled though they were ok. They didn't end up mushy but were definatly a fall of the bone consistancy. The turkey legs were good. Good smoke on everything even using cheap chips. I really would rather use chunk but this smoker just loves chips for some reason. Temps held awesome all day (225-235) and TBS was prominant for 3 hours using 2 pans of unsoaked chips. All in all a good day....but not perfect
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