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not sure you got my post from email, but yes it is done same day as our motorcycle show. it's usually an overnighter, starting cooking on Friday evening. In Cole Camp south of Sedalia

Didn't get your message. We have cabin by Warsaw. Found the event. Rules sheet was lite from last year I found. With it being in May now would be the time to start advertising it. Will also try pm you
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Originally Posted by Chef JimmyJ View Post

I can't answer but I would be interested in the answer. I live in PA but would travel to MD, VA, NJ, and NY...JJ


I know of one event that is held every year in green Lane PA by the local fire department. It is called Smoke in the Valley it is May 9th and 10th here is the link
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We run an amateur cook off in conjunction with our K CBS contest. The dates are June 27-28, in Mankato Minnesota the competition is the Bend of the River Cookout. The amateurs can cook up to three categories and the meat is included in the entry fee.
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Are there any armature events in Nor Cal SF Bay Area anytime soon?
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Our local Lions club is very interested in doing what your church does (obviously as a fund raiser).


If you have any "formal" documentation, rules and other such information could you either email it to me or surface mail (I will repay your postage).


Appreciate anything you can offer.



W6407 20th Street

Necedah, WI  54646

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here is the link..           July 11-12, 2014. I found this while looking for info on a smoker if anyone is interested


KCBS Contest

Backyard Amateur Contest


Kids Q Contest

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I just entered a backyard amateur contest (KCBS) in Cleveland Tn. at the end of July... don't have a clue on how to do up the turn in box.. LOL... just gong to have fun and give my wife's son a chance to try his hand at a competition.. he lives up there and we'll be on vacation there ...
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good luck and have fun.let us know how it goes

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How would you like to come to Montana for one? We have one in Stanford aug.9th Started it last year, want to keep it light and fun. Do a feed from it in the park afterwords.

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I have been to a few KCBS sanctioned events local to MD. metro area and most always have backyard events linked to them. I follow most events on the below link. Hope it helps

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I'm down in JAX, FL but have friends and family in the S MD area. I'm considering heading up for the Southern Maryland Brew & BBQ Festival on Aug 2. If you're on FB you can check out the page there. The lady that informed me about said they've had pretty good turnouts the past few years. Hopeuly my leave gets approved so that I can make it. It would be my first comp so I'm not expecting much but I got to start somewhere and figured I could at least get my feet wet here.
Sorry if this has already been mentioned, my ADD wouldn't let me read through all 50 comments.
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I will be in that competition. Hope you can get the leave to come up, would look forward to meeting you and having some friendly banter. Keep me posted if you can make it.

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yes sir, will do. I'm hoping the stars align and it works out in my favor. If not, good luck up there man.
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Squeals and Wheels Festival, backyard bbq contest coming August 22rd 2015 In Le Sueur Mn

One day event... join any one of Three categories, Chicken, ribs, or pork butt or enter them all.   late after noon turn in times.  $50.00 per event or $125.00 for all three, cash prizes

this event is a Angels amongst us event we are a 501(c)3 corp. dedicated to raising funds to be given as scholarship in memory of two young ladies lost in 2013, my daughter, Dackotah was killed in a car accident one week after her 18th birthday and a friends daughter, Katelyn, tragically died after striking a tree on New years day while sliding down hill with friends.

also that day in the same park will be a classic car show and drive, a motor cycle tour, 5k walk/run,bean bag tournament, bouncy house for the kids face painting, fire truck tours, food, ice cream and much more come join us...check us out at   reg. on line or call me my #'s are on the site.


thank you


M-T pockets BBq

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Originally Posted by KathrynN View Post

I do know that the KCBS calendar has lots of Events listed in the different States....and all of them have Backyard folks competing too. You do not have to be a KCBS member to browse thru their site. Alabama there is a State group...called ABA....Alabama BBQ Association. I have heard that other states have their own too. Could check that route too.



Late to the party again.


Where can I find the KCBS calendar?  Is there a web site?  If so, can someone send me the URL?


@Chef JimmyJ  I'm in New jersey so we're neighbors.  If you hear of any amiture bbq/smoking challenges or how to find them, plese let me know.

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There is one in Dover, DE 10-2, 10-3

Haas Butcher Shop

It is $100 to enter and it includes all meats! Brisket, Ribs, and Pork Shoulder I believe.

Google Haas an call them or contact me and I'll help get the info to you.

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Originally Posted by Bushwoodsmokers View Post

Thank you.

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