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Long ago we had a custom Pit, it was huge! Well to me it seemed like it at the time anyway. We used the roll around bakers racks in it. Pop loved it cause you could load it and roll 'em in. Also during a smoke it makes it easy to re-position the food because no matter how good you are there is always hot and cold spots in a large smoker. We could get 6 in the tee pee but 5 was cramped and usually never saw more than 4.


The ones were had were the old steel/SS ones, no galvanized, I mean they may have been plated but I never saw it. It didn't peel or rust. After a few smokes the wheels began to gum up alittle but a quick wash down with the steam jenny and they were good to go.


AND you have no idea how many chicken halves you can smoke at one time for a party. It was a very uniquely built pit. I asked about it the other day, my Pop now has extreme Alzheimer's and didn't even remember having it. I am sure it was a converted piece of plant equipment but it was one fine smoker.


Now my question do you have a smoker that big?

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Is the 'Expanded Metal' a single metal or an alloy?

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thanks everyone for your input.

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